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A Schooner's Return print by Paul Landry
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22 x 16 in
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A Schooner's Return By Paul Landry A Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas Paul reminisces, "For generations, schooners have harvested the rich fishing banks off Nova Scotia. They could be out for weeks at a time, fishing ’til their vessels could hold no more, before racing back home knowing first in brought the best price. In the 1930s and ’40s, my Uncle Joe and his sons sailed these crafts and told me many a sea story. This painting honors them and all seamen who sailed these magnificent schooners." Published from the artist’s original watercolor painting. Edition size = 250 All images are copyright © 2003 The Greenwich Workshop. All rights reserved.
Limited Edition printed on Archival Material for preservation.
Signed and Numbered by the artist.

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