Is ordering online safe?

Using Credit Cards Online, How does it work & Is it Safe? Using a Credit Card Online works exactly the same as it does when you go into a Department store or slide your card through a card reader on a gas pump at the Stop & Go... almost! Then why is everyone afraid to use them...rumors, nothing but rumors! When you use your credit card in any store, the clerk swipes the card through a reader which sends the information by phone line to the card center where a computer either authorizes its use or denies it. Your information is being sent over a phone line. When you use your credit card online, your information is being sent to the card center where a computer either authorizes its use or denies it. Your information is being sent over a phone line. Only online, it is sent in code, encrypted. Which one would you prefer, encrypted or not encrypted? Eighty percent of the American public are not comfortable sending their credit card information on the Internet so you are not alone. Why? Rumors. nothing but rumors!

How do I place an order?
Ordering from is fast, safe, and convenient. Simply place the product(s) you wish to order in your electronic shopping cart by clicking on the 'BUY NOW' button located beneath the product image. When you're ready to order or want to modify your shopping cart, just click the 'your shopping cart' link located on the top of almost every page. We accept all 4 major credit cards, United States personal checks, and international and domestic money orders drawn on U.S. Funds. Detailed instructions can be found on the ordering pages themselves.

What do I need to know about shipping?
All posters and art prints are rolled and shipped in mint condition via the United States Postal Service (USPS) 2-3 Day Priority Mail in a sturdy tube-like container. All international packages are shipped via first class air mail USPS. All canvas orders that are shipped international will be shipped unstretched or if shipped stretched may incur increased shipping costs. We will overnight/express orders upon request for an additional charge. Please call for express rates.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Orders that are in stock at our facility generally will ship within 48 hours depending upon size of order and quantities in stock. Items that are not in stock will usually ship within 5 to 7 business days. If an item is on back order from the publisher (I.E. the item needs to be reprinted or brought in from overseas) items may take longer. If prompt delivery is a concern, please call or email us for product availability.

How do I find out the Status of my Order?
You can view the status of your order at any time by going to the
Order Status/History Page.